Parents, community gather a year after girl's murder in Renton

RENTON -- It's been a year since a Renton teen, Jessica Scholl, was murdered inside her own home.

The crime so brutal -- her parents couldn't return. They tore down the house last October.

Now, on the anniversary of their daughter's death the couple is gathered with friends and volunteers to rebuild.

Many people in the community are stepping up and helping the family, through donated materials, money and labor. Her parents Doug and Stephanie School want to say thank you.

And board by board the Scholls are rebuilding their lives.

"I want to be here and I'm hoping that it feels good to be here when its all said and done," Jessica's mom, Stephanie Scholl said.

A year ago the couple's daughter was beaten and stabbed to death.

The teen's ex-boyfriend, Jarod Lane, is accused of killing her and setting the house on fire to cover the crime. He was arrested in Oklahoma City two weeks after he fled the state.

The tragedy made it too painful to repair the home.

The Scholls eventually won a four-month battle to convince the insurance company to rebuild and not just repair it.

Her parents demolished the house and started rebuilding to help them heal.

"It doesn't matter where we go we're going to miserable for years," Doug Scholl said. "That was our only child it was our lifelong dream to raise our daughter."

Said Stephanie Scholl, "I feel her here and I was worried about not being able to come back here no matter what but the house is a lot different than it was before."

It's different thanks to all of the community support.

Students from Lindbergh High School, where Jessica went, are using their class time to build the front porch.

"It's helping the kids out at the school," teacher Creed Nelson said. "Hopefully it's helping the family out and it's also something kids can take a lot of pride in knowing that they did this and they were able to do a quality job like this for the family to help them through this."

The couple considers this neighborhood home and moving away from the property was not an option.

"When we lost Jessica it wasn't just Doug and I who lost her - a community lost her and a lot of our friends who thought they also had also lost a daughter," Stephanie Scholl said.

The suspect, Jarod Lane, is still being held at the King County Jail on a murder charge. A trial date has not yet been set.