Pacific postpones vote to disband city and join Auburn

PACIFIC, Wash. -- To the cheers and boos of a huge crowd, the Pacific city council members postponed a vote to disband their city and become part of Auburn.

Council members say they want more information, but many people at the meeting Monday night hold mayor Cy Sun directly responsible for getting to this point.

Sun said he does not agree to dissolve his city. But when it came time for Pacific residents to talk, Sun walked out, much to the chagrin of the crowd.

"You have to stay and listen, you're the mayor, you're supposed to listen," one in the crown shouted.

"Resign, retire! Get out!" another said.

Sun has fired city employees, locked out others. Sun's own police force arrested him for destroying city documents.

"Until Cy Sun is outta this town, you're gonna have nothing, absolutely nothing. Probably your best bet would be to annex to Auburn," one in the crowd said, to some boos.

Pacific may be absorbed by Auburn after after Pacific's insurance carrier deemed Pacific too risky and threatened to drop coverage.

Auburn said Monday at its own council meeting that it wants to help, their city council expressed concern about taking on extra liability.

"It just breaks my heart," said Pacific Council President Leanne Guier.

Ultimately, no binding decisions were made Monday night in either Pacific or Auburn.