Owner of state's 1st pot club: 'We're all making history right now'

TACOMA, Wash. -- Pizzas bake downstairs. People bake upstairs.

"We're all making history right now," said Stonegate Pizza owner Jeff Call.

He says he has created what appears to be the first private and legal marijuana club in country. The club costs $1 a day to join and $20 for the year.

But it's not pot smoke that fills the air at the Tacoma pizza joint -- It's vapor.

"It's a lot easier on your lungs and there's fewer side effects," said marijuana user Nikki.

This is Nikki's first time here. She occasionally medicates, but finds the low-key club calming.

"I don't have to like run around the corner and try to like hide somewhere that could be unsafe," Nikki said.

But is any of this legal?

Frank Dibiase with the county health department said the key is the vaporization.

"Part of our job is to become more familiar with that," Dibiase said.

Even though it is marijuana, which is completely legal under Initiative 502, there's no smoke. Technically, nothing is being burned. Dibiase says that means there are no issues with the indoor smoking act.

"Any lighted material or any lighted smoking equipment is a violation of the law," Dibiase said.

It's not exactly a loophole, just uncharted waters. Call hopes he doesn't get shut down, and he actually wants to hire more workers to keep his one-of-a-kind bar unique.

"I'm not looking for a battle," he said. "I got enough things going on here. It's tough enough just keeping this going."