Out-of-control car careens down crowded Capitol Hill sidewalk

SEATTLE - Witnesses say an out-of-control driver steered onto a Capitol Hill sidewalk and nearly smashed through a crowd of people. The car came within inches of a photographer who spun around and snapped pictures he hopes will help police.

He never knows what he might find so Tim Durkan keeps his camera primed - even for short walks on Capitol Hill. Durkan has been photographing neighborhood street scenes for decades, and posting them on his website, Tim Durkan Photography.

The images he took Saturday night he shot on instinct, while simultaneously trying to save his own life.

"He was on top of me in a second and a half doing 25 miles an hour," Durkan said of a dark-colored BMW, which he saw jump the sidewalk and head straight toward him.

A crowd of pedestrians went into a panic as the car barrelled toward them, and Durkan barely had time to react. He squeezed off a few photos showing the car on the sidewalk on Broadway and Harrison.

Jose Armenteros said people were "moving and dodging" to avoid getting hit.

Durkan says the driver nearly killed him, and came dangerously close to other pedestrians. His photos show how far the car swerved onto the walkway.

Amazingly, no one was hurt. Seattle police say they responded to three calls about an erratic driver in a dark BMW, and even followed up on the license plate captured in one of Durkan's photos. So far no one's been arrested.

"I think the important thing is just to get that guy off the road because he clearly didn't have any reverence at all for people," Durkan said.

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