Orting woman sends message with giant pink clothesline

ORTING, Wash. -- Kelly Castillo needed to find a way to make a statement in her desire to help raise awareness for breast cancer in this small Pierce county community.

"I just wanted to do something that showed my support for a couple of family members that I have who are dealing with this terrible disease".

After considering the idea of doing something in her front window, she felt she needed to go big. Castillo had her husband construct a giant clothesline. Her 7 year old daughter painted it pink.

"She really wants to be involved and she wants to tell more people so they can come and hang their bra".

The word spread quickly on Facebook - and the reaction has been has been better than they imagined.

"I've had, you know, several different packages come from different parts of the state, and different cities. And some came from California".

Many of the bras arrive with names of loved ones written inside, who have dealt with breast cancer.

"Everybody gets so busy and sometimes its really easy to forget. So I figured if I would do this clothesline, they could swing by and show support for something they love".

Castillo plans to keep the clothesline filled with bras in her front yard until the end of October.