Oreo video with a Portlandia flavor racks up YouTube views

PORTLAND, Ore. - Sure, it's a promotional bit for a cookie. But it has got Portland written all over it.

A video on Oreo's YouTube channel (and also prominently featured on Oreo's website) showing a Portland man's complicated contraption for removing the white creme out of an Oreo cookie is racking up the views.

As of Wednesday, the count had passed 250,000 views on YouTube.

How much of the video is real and how much is the creation of a certain local and well-known advertising agency is a bit fuzzy, but the fact of the matter is the Rube Goldberg machine in the video actually works, as witnessed at about the 3:25 mark in the video.

The man who made the machine, David Neevel, is a Wieden+Kennedy employee. (We tried to talk to him on Wednesday but the folks at Oreo wouldn't make him available.)

The video is shot in Portland (a TriMet bus goes rolling by in one shot) and the Mad Dog Garage referenced is an actual business owned by local artist David Butts, according to his website.

The video certainly has the feel of a particular popular TV show about Portland, complete with Oreo separator inventor Neevel complaining about the cold, the lack of good local sandwiches and putting "about .4 years - wait, .04 years" into the project, which he complains took him away from his "girlfriend and my dog for hours at a time."

Neevel says he is a "physicist and copywriter" and hates the creme in Oreo cookies, thus the creation of the complicated machinery to remove it and leave him with his favorite part - the cookies. He even takes a blowtorch to an Oreo at one point.

Of course, the video has a few critical product placement shots of Oreo cookies, along with overly dramatic music and cinematic camera work.

Meghan Kalkstein will have more on this important story tonight on KATU News at 5 and 6 p.m.