Open and Shut: The week's restaurant round-up

Ready for the weekend? Of course you are. But before you make dinner plans, check in to see what new hot spots are opening -- and which have closed up shop.


  • Ivar's is back in Bothell! The 24th Ivar's location opened this week and will be prepared to serve you acres of clams in between UW and Seahawks games over the weekend.

  • Speaking of seafood, head to Ballard for one of the fall's most-anticipated openings: Barnacle, on Ballard Ave. Next door to the Walrus and the Carpenter and owned by the same folks, this teeny bar finally opened its doors on Monday and is the perfect spot for a pre-dinner cocktail.

  • Feel like tailgating but aren't exactly a grilling machine? Let Martino's Smoked Meats & Eatery do the work, which opened earlier this month in Greenwood. Pick up smoked meats to go, or grab a BBQ sandwich before the game. Ironically, the storefront used to belong to a vegan shoestore.


  • Southern Smoke, a First Hill food truck that was barely even open, anyway, has been shut down due to lack of refrigeration and operating without a license.

Know of any others? Let us know where you're eating (or not eating) this weekend!