Open and Shut: Seattle's restaurant round-up

Ready for the weekend? Of course you are. But before you make dinner plans, check in to see what new hot spots are opening -- and which have closed up shop.

Several hot spots have opened this week -- maybe it's something in that foggy fall air that helps restaurateurs get things done? -- and there's only one closure on the radar. Overall, a pretty great week for eating and drinking.


  • Stoup: Ballard continues its brewpub domination with the addition of Stoup, which officially opened its doors on Wednesday. Founded by "two thirsty science nerds," Stoup focuses on crafting beer that's perfect, based on the chemistry of brewing. Stoup also follows in the tradition of another Ballard brewery, Hilliard's, by providing food from area food trucks.

  • Union Bar: Way across town, Union Bar in Hillman City (it's south of Columbia City, near-ish Beacon Hill) has opened what's sure to become a lot of bar-goers' new favorite neighborhood joint. Look for the usual pub staples, like fried food, rotating taps, and televisions playing sports.

  • Restaurant Roux: This long-awaited Cajun spot officially opens for dinner tomorrow night -- and the food community is really, really excited. Roux, which is owned by Matthew Lewis of the beloved food truck Where Ya At Matt, promises more crawfish than you can handle. Plus, it's in the old spot where the Buckaroo Tavern (RIP) used to live, which has been a sad, gaping hole since the bar shut down.


  • Coyle's Bakeshop: This popular pop-up inside Book Larder at Fremont is reportedly closing they can find a more permanent location! So it's not even really a closure as much as a short hiatus. Their last day is November 2.

Know of another must-visit opening or very-sad closure? Share them in the comments!