Oops! Contractor begins removing track at wrong school

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- Confusion over two similar-sounding Federal Way school names led a contractor to start tearing apart the wrong track surface.

Work began on removing the surface of the running track at Sequoyah Middle School Monday. The only problem? The work was supposed to be done at Saghalie Middle School.

"A contractor removed about 15-20 percent of the north portion of the running surface at Sequoyah Middle School before they realized they were at the wrong school, at which point they stopped," said Rod Leland, Director of Facility Services at Federal Way Public Schools.

Leland said the project manager took full responsibility for the mistake and promised repairs.

"The company that made the mistake is a long time, strong supporter with all kinds of support to the school district in Federal Way," Leland said. "I feel bad for them, they feel bad for themselves."

Repairs will only take a week and work will hold off until the school year is complete, Leland said.