One year after horrendous attack, rescued dog thriving

BELLINGHAM, Wash.-- A horrific case of animal abuse sits unsolved more than a year after two shepherd puppies were found viciously beaten in Whatcom County.

When people see Hope today, they would never know the dog could barely walk just a year ago.

"I had never met a dog that had been through a trauma like that and was in that state before," said Kate Swanson, who adopted Hope.

Beaten and left for dead on the Lummi Reservation, Hope somehow survived. Her brother, who was found with a jar stuffed on his head, didn't make it.

Staff at the Whatcom Humane Society refused to give up on the surviving puppy, naming her Hope.

Neil and Kate Swanson first met Hope right after she arrived at the Humane Society.

"When they put her down on my lap and she was so hopeless and just so sad. And I felt like my heart at that moment just grew and I was like, I can take care of her," Kate said.

No longer in need of specialized care, Hope gets plenty of love and devotion from her entire family.

"She still can't chew. She sort of just laps her food up," Kate said.

Neal said Hope still struggles with her reflexes, coordination and depth perception, but she hardly seems to notice.

"I think that Hope really likes her life because before she really didn't get treated that well," said Neil and Kate's daughter, Macie.

Police still don't have any suspects in the attack. There's a $5,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and prosecution.