One arrested after Greenwood SWAT standoff

SEATTLE -- A two-hour standoff at a Greenwood apartment ended Monday evening with an 18-year old man in police custody.

Two women called 911 at 6:30 p.m. to say their friend was being held at gunpoint at a North 85th Street apartment. The women told officers their friend had texted them from inside the home to say she was being held against her will.

A SWAT unit was soon on scene, and at 8:30 p.m. an 18-year-old man left the apartment and was immediately taken into police custody.

Monday's incident was the second in as many days involving the teen and the female victim, who is in her early 20s.

Det. Mark Jamieson with the Seattle Police Department said officers were called to a Greenwood residence Sunday afternoon after the same woman called 911 to say a male acquaintance had robbed her at gunpoint.

The suspect was gone by the time officers arrived, but Jamieson confirmed that man from the Sunday robbery was the same man involved in Monday's SWAT situation.

It's unclear what the victim and suspect were doing inside the apartment.