Officials: Mason County wildfire now 70 percent contained

SHELTON, Wash. - A wildfire burning near Rainbow Lake in Mason County is now 70 percent contained, and officials say they still aren't sure what started it.

The fire flared up Thursday afternoon and quickly exploded in size, growing from five acres to 150 acres in a few hours. Some homes were evacuated in the vicinity as winds whipped the flames across a terrain of brush and trees.

Bonneville Power Administration also sent teams out to the area, as flames burned beneath high-voltage transmission lines that feed electricity to the Shelton area.

But crews were able to stop the blaze from reaching any structures or damaging power lines. All residents were allowed back into their homes by the next morning as winds died down. No one was injured.

Officials said the wildfire is now stabilized at about 230 acres.

Firefighters have been able to extend a fire-line all the way around the blaze, and the clean-up phase started Saturday, aided by a change in weather that helped them gain an upper hand.

Officials earlier said the wildfire was not sparked by lightning, but investigators haven't been able to determine what did cause it.