Officer sues the Bellevue Police Dept. for 'unlawful retaliation'

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- A Bellevue police officer who's suing the department claims a fellow officer created a hostile work environment by speaking openly -- and graphically -- about the his sexual exploits.

Officer Jan Auclair Trizuto filed a 10-page complaint in U.S. District Court Friday. In it, she claims she and a fellow officer were alone in a patrol car when he began speaking about his sexual experiences, including a detailed description of his body.

She said the same officer then began sending her inappropriate and offensive text messages.

She didn't report the incidents because she feared she would become a target of retaliation. She later confided in a lieutenant, who reported the incident against her wishes.

That's when she said her supervisor retaliated against her with threats of discipline and public ridicule, including belittling her in front of coworkers.

Trizuto's allegations come after a rocky year for the Bellevue Police Department. It was just a few months ago that two members of the command staff were demoted for extramarital affairs. Last fall, two BPD officers were disciplined for drunken behavior at CenturyLink Field during a Seahawks game.

Trizuto's attorney said the lawsuit will be served this week. A spokeswoman for the Bellevue Police Department had no comment on the suit.