Officer shoots charging pit bull in Seattle

SEATTLE -- A Seattle police officer shot an unleashed pit bull twice while responding to a disturbance in Lake City on Sunday.

About 8:30 a.m. several officers responded to a home behind a church in the 12000 block of 33rd Ave. N.E. to deal with an uncooperative man who was apparently drunk and disorderly, police said.

Officials said an unleashed pit bull charged two of the officers.

One officer shot the dog twice in the chest and shoulder area.

The dog ran off but was contained nearby until animal control arrived.

The injured dog was transported to the local veterinary hospital.

A man who lives in the neighborhood said whoever was pet sitting the dog must have let it off its leash.

"I guess it got aggressive, a little. But I've never seen that cause kids come up from Lake City and pet it and talk to it," Raymond Morley said. "Never even barks hardly, you know."

Although bleeding, the dog was in remarkably good condition and actually walked with Animal Control to their vehicle. The two officers were not injured.

Investigators said the officer was forced to defend himself and fired his weapon only after making sure only a grassy embankment was behind the dog.

Meanwhile, the suspect who was the subject of the initial 911 call was taken into custody and transported to a detox center.