Now open: Sweet new digs for the Seattle Aquarium's seals

For quite some time, the Seattle Aquarium's harbor seals have made due with a so-so enclosure, which was not only cramped, but also not particularly conducive to viewing -- and could be dangerous in the event of an earthquake. This weekend, though, the Aquarium unveiled their new, multi-million-dollar habitat, which features improvements that are both aesthetic and structural.

The seals' new pad includes necessary structural updates to the pier, as well as seating for up to 100 viewers, making it easier for fans to gather and watch the playful sea mammals. The remodel also removed a chain-link fence which had previously hindered viewing, and increased the ease of movement for the animals.

Improvements aren't quite finished yet, according to Aquarium staffers, who are still looking to raise extra funds for future changes and operational costs. Find out how you can help by visiting their website.

The Seattle Aquarium is home to three seals named Barney, Q and Siku. Oh, and if you're having a rough day and can't get down to Pier 60, you can always check in with the seals on this awesome live cam.