North Seattle communities spooked after 4 attacks in 4 days

SEATTLE -- Police have released a sketch of the man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman at knifepoint Friday night in Northgate, but detectives still don't know if the same man is responsible for three other weekend attacks in the city's north end.

The first attack happened Friday evening when a knife-wielding man grabbed a woman as she was walking near the Northgate Mall. The woman fought back as the man sexually assaulted her.

A woman was also attacked after she left a Tangletown bar in the early hours of Sunday. On Sunday night, a woman escaped an abduction attempt in Greenwood, and another woman was assaulted Monday morning as she jogged around Green Lake.

Police call the pattern of attacks "unusual," but have yet to say whether the incidents are linked in any way.

The woman who was attacked Sunday morning in Tangletown is still shaken up, but is ready to tell her story.

That woman, who is not being identified, left a bar early Sunday morning and was walking south to meet a friend. She was about a half mile away from the bar when she noticed someone was following her.

"He was gaining, walking faster. I started walking faster. I started to jog, thinking if he was not actually following me that he would jog behind me as well," she said. "Once he started jogging I realized he was coming after me."

The man caught up with her and attacked her from behind, throwing her to the ground. But the woman, who happens to take boxing lessons, wasn't going to give up without a fight.

"It happened so fast. I don't know if I got a good shot to the groin or something. For about half a second he let up and I was able to push him up with my legs," she said.

She broke her finger and her phone was destroyed in the melee, but she got away. It was after she heard about the three other recent attacks in the area that she told police what happened.

The woman has walked the same path hundreds of times and never felt scared, but Sunday's attack is giving her a new outlook.

"It shakes you up a bit and makes you think twice before you walk down the street by yourself," she said.

While police have yet to link the four crimes, three victims described their attacker as a white man in his 20s who stands between 5'7" tall and 6-feet tall. The man weighs 140 to 160 pounds and has brown hair.

"There's enough in the location, the time, the general MO, if you will, of the suspect, that detectives are certainly looking at all of these cases to see if there's any link at all," said Seattle Police Detective Mark Jamieson.

The Northgate attack suspect pictured in the sketch also had sunken light blue eyes, a tattoo under his left forearm, and a gravelly voice, according to police.