North Lake Washington cities request mitigation resources from state for tolling

KENMORE - A handful of city leaders are asking the state to step in and take action to address the impacts proposed tolling on the I-90 Bridge could have on the communities at the north end of Lake Washington.

The mayors of Bothell, Kenmore, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, and Woodinville sent a letter to Governor Jay Inslee, the State and House Transportation Committee Chairs, and the Secretary of Transportation asking for mitigation resources.

According to the mayors, each community has seen an increase in traffic volumes and congestion due to tolling on SR 520 and they expect the situation to get even worse should tolling on I-90 be approved.

"The impacts on all corridors (SR 522, SR 520, I-90 and I-405) must be considered when evaluating and mitigating regional tolling," said Kenmore Mayor David Baker, in a statement released to the media. "Tolling of the I-90 Bridge will very likely result in additional traffic on SR 522 and other roads and transportation systems here at the north end of the lake."

The cities want the state to review specific impacts tolling on I-90 could have on each of the north end communities, including traffic congestion, air pollution, noise pollution, transit, safety and parking.