Newcastle woman making a career out of disaster preparedness

NEWCASTLE, Wash. -- Puget Sound residents live with the knowledge that a devastating earthquake could strike at any moment, and a Newcastle woman has made preparing for such a disaster the foundation for her business.

It was three years ago that Paula Spence started a business, called Emergency-Pac, that sells personal disaster kits. The kits contain enough food and water to survive for several days, and they can be personalized with entertainment and pet supplies.

Spence practices what she preachers, and she always keeps a three-day Emergency Pac in her car.

"We have 16 water packets and two food ration bars.These are 2,400 calories. They are both Coast Guard-approved," she said.

The idea for the kits came to Spence when her children were students on Mercer Island and she wanted them and their school to have disaster kits close by.

Spence can create any kind of emergency kit, but she also encourages people to personalize their own with things like books and games for entertainment and food and toys for pets.

She calls the products "peace of mind in a package."

"Why wait?" she said. "You know, it's an easy investment. Put it in your car or your hall closet and forget about it's there when you need it."

Spence said the kits start at $38.