New video shows horrific 'Ride the Ducks' crash

SEATTLE -- A Seattle motorcyclist who was seriously injured when a duck boat {A href=""}ran over him is now suing, and newly-obtained video of the crash could be a key piece of evidence in the trial.

The video doesn't show the signature music used by Ride the Ducks or the tour guide's narration, but it does show motorcyclist Austin Porter being crushed under the weight of the amphibious vehicle.

Porter remembers the October, 2011 incident well.

"I was at a red light, stopped," he said of the moment just before he was hit. "I was already being run over from the back and then my instincts were just to stay alive at that point."

Porter survived the collision, but his arm, leg and pelvis were all crushed after he became stuck under the undercarriage and dragged into the next block.

Porter is suing, so officials from Ride the Ducks won't comment on the new video. But the video comes the same day the company is facing scrutiny from joggers, pedestrians and residents in Eastlake. The company is considering moving its launch point into Lake Union, and many in the neighborhood are worried about safety.

"So if there's an issue that it possibly hit a motorcycle a year ago, what's to say they're going to see a person with a little West Highland Terrier or a little tiny dog? They're less inclined to see them," said Eastlake resident Jennifer Lovett.

It's unclear if the driver just didn't see Porter on the day of the crash, and the man's attorney refused to comment on the incident. But the other side has long argued that the design of the vehicle and the tour guide's many jobs make for a rocky road through Seattle.

"What they're originally designed for and what they're currently being used for, they're very different things. I just think they're dangerous," Porter said.

Ride the Ducks owner Brian Tracy wouldn't comment on the crash, but said safety is paramount for his company.

"Obviously, safety is the number one concern for the company," he said. "It always has been and it always will be. We go way and above anybody's expectations in training and as well as equipment wise."

Tracy is scheduled to meet with Eastlake residents Thursday night to discuss plans for that new boat launch.