New sculpture coming to the Olympic Sculpture Park

The clear skies and sun-breaks over Seattle today saw more than tourists walking SAM's Sculpture park, it saw shovels breaking ground. A SAM installment crew began work to make room for a new piece called "Echo".

The sculpture, created by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, stands 46-feet tall and depicts the face of a young girl from the artist's home town. The work is made from an amalgam of polyster resin, white pigment and marble dust. The name "Echo" comes from Greek mythology, she was a nymph condemned by Zeus to repeat the words of others. The work will be positioned to face Puget Sound in the direction of Mount Olympus.

The artist hopes his artwork will spark passersby into greater awareness of their own voices. The SAM installation crew who began today expects it to take 2 months to complete. There will be a short detour around the site for cyclists throughout the installation. For more information on "Echo" please go to the artists website