New pap smear guidelines

It's a decision that effects millions of women!

KOMO's Ana Kelly asks the question, "Are the new guidelines of waiting every 5 years to get a pap smear SAFE?"

The short answer is yes and in fact according to a new study getting a pap smear every year could do more harm then good. Dr Ashley Fuller an OBYGN for Swedish hospital says that can lead to more testing which overtime can lead to infertility and other issues. The new guidelines recently put out by the American cancer society recommend women who are not in the high risk group get a pap smear every 5 years. Part of the reasoning is that over testing can cause a host of health problems and that cervical cancer can take 10 to 15 years to develop. But Dr Fuller reminds us although these new guidelines recommend a pap smear every 5 years....ALL women should be getting a yearly exam which screens for breast cancer, menopause, sexually transmitted disease and other age related health problems.