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Never use these 5 words in your real-estate listing

When you're trying to sell your home, you want to make it as appealing as possible. So you paint it, you stage it, and you help a potential buyer envision what their new lives might look like if they moved in. But even getting interested parties in the front door can be a challenge if your listing, whether online or in local newspapers, contains words or phrases that may seem off-putting.

Here are seven words or phrases to avoid in your real estate listing:

  • "Cozy" Translation: Small. There are no two ways about it, a "cozy" house smacks of low ceilings, narrow hallways, and old carpets. You don't want your potential buyer to think they're moving into their grandmother's cottage. Skip words that gloss over what could be considered a flaw, and instead, highlight what's great about your home.

  • "Luxury" Avoid overused terms like "gourmet," "luxury," and "spacious." They don't set your listing apart, and tend to sound suspicious. Play up the unique parts of your home with original language.

  • "Rustic" Is your home is a shanty in the woods? No? Then "rustic" is out. Even if you've got a gorgeous log cabin with pristine lake views, the word "rustic" sounds like a rundown shack in Appalachia.

  • "Up-and-coming" By this point, everyone understands that an "up-and-coming" neighborhood is just a neighborhood that isn't quite there yet, i.e, it may be dangerous or just not very well developed. If the home you're selling is in a sparsely populated or relatively, accentuate the features that are around, like parks, businesses, or even main thoroughfares that make commuting easy.

  • "Newer" Appliances or features that are "newer" are just appliances that aren't actually new, and may, in fact, be considered old. Again, don't try to gussy up the less-impressive aspects of your home -- just be honest about what you love about it.