Neighbors: Capitol Hill nightclub a 'disaster,' 'nightmare'

SEATTLE - A nightclub on Capitol Hill is creating concerns for people who live and work in the area. They say the mix of liquor, noise, violence and traffic isn't what they want added to their neighborhood - and it's more than just a nuisance.

"It's just kind of a recipe for disaster," says Tracy Brazg, who lives in a building next to "The Social" club.

Brazg and others are frustrated, but she says the city of Seattle's noise ordinance is difficult to enforce.

"I would say the noise ordinance is constantly being broken by this nightclub, but they're not getting cited and nothing is happening," she says.

Dave Hawley owns a tattoo shop in the same building as The Social on East Olive Way. He says at first he was excited to learn about his new neighbors, but now he has issues with how the club is operated.

"They have been routinely tough to deal with particularly as a business owner trying to deal with these people in any sort of reasonable way has just been a nightmare," he says.

Hawley says he deals with constant leaks from the nightclub that damage his equipment and wooden floors - and he often picks up cigarette butts or vomit left out front. He says the damage is from nightclub patrons.

Other residents agree the club is taking an emotional toll on those who live and work here.

"I think that as we focus on nightlife as one area to grow and enhance our sort of urban vibrancy, we need to do that in a really thoughtful, intentional way," says Brazg. "And if this keeps on happening around the city and in neighborhoods around the city, people aren't going to want to live in these vibrant urban cores."

The Social is operating under a temporary liquor license. A hearing is scheduled for Monday at the King County Courthouse.

KOMO News tried to contact the owners of the club Sunday but they have not responded to our messages.