Nasty crash leaves UW bicyclist with two broken arms

BOTHELL, Wash. -- A nasty spill left a University of Washington student with two broken arms, and now his family is calling for quick action on a popular bike trail.

On sunny summer days, bicyclists, walkers and nature lovers flock to the Burke Gilman Trail in Bothell.

"Normally it's just so tranquil," said 21-year-old UW student Tait Russell. "This day was just a bit different."

A leisurely Sunday bike ride along the trail ended with Russell battered and bruised at the hospital.

"I remember seeing the bump, and then I remember thinking, 'Oh,' and I don't even remember the next word which, I probably shouldn't say," he said.

Russell was thrown from his bike after hitting a concrete bump caused by a growing root system.

The crash left him with multiple fractures in his left arm and a clean break in his right arm. He needs surgery to repair the damage, but he doesn't have insurance or the cash to cover it.

"I'm kind of living on a financial aid budget here," he said.

The college senior is on full scholarship at UW, but now he's worried about completing his summer math classes. He needs one of those classes to graduate, and he said if he doesn't complete it he'll be forced to pay back his scholarship.

"Tait is a very strong person and I know he's going to do whatever it takes. It's going to be quite challenging -- more difficult than it should be for him," said Russell's mom, Krista.

Russell is facing a long and painful recovery, but he said he will fight to stay in school. He also hopes the trail will be fixed soon so nobody else is injured.

"At least repave it," he said.