Nanny, baby girl hit by car OK, but incident leaves some concerned

SEATTLE -- People in the Seattle neighborhood of Mount Baker are demanding action after a car hit an infant and her nanny in a crosswalk.

Seattle Police said the car that hit them was cruising down South McClellan Street about 6 p.m. last night.

The accident happened at an intersection where three streets converge, crosswalks exist, and too many drivers don't seem to pay attention.

Yet, there was not a scratch on 11-month-old Fiona.

And the nanny who was pushing Fiona's stroller across the street? No broken bones, just bruises.

"I am so thankful. So, so thankful," the nanny, Ahri Aho, said.

They are extremely fortunate that the car only brushed the stroller and that the straps held Fiona in place as it flipped onto its side.

Ahri Aho could easily have been killed when the car plowed into her legs.

"I flipped my shoulder into the windshield," she said. "And I opened my eyes and I was on the roof of the car with my legs dangling down."

Alexsis Gant, supervisor of the Mioposto restaurant nearby, says the driver of the car that hit the pedestrians, claims the sun was in his eyes.

Sun or no sun, all you have to do is watch for a few minutes to see many drivers fail to obey the rules.

"I want to tell every person crossing this street every day, please be careful, please be careful. People are not paying attention," Gant said.

There's constant rolling through the stop signs and not stopping at all sometimes.

The crosswalks lead to a popular park in a neighborhood filled with young families.

Fiona's parents hope this terribly close call may invite an opportunity.

"If something good is to come of this is would be to take a careful look at that intersection," David Kearney, Fiona's father said.

They point to the badly faded markings and wonder if the city should consider blinking crosswalk lights or even a traffic light.

Otherwise, the next accident might not end so well.

Police say the driver of the car did stop at the stop sign, but apparently did not see the nanny and stroller and accelerated through the intersection.

Officers are still investigating the Saturday's collision.