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Must-have guest room amenities for out-of-town visitors

Opening your home to guests is a hospitable way to help friends and family members save money during their travels -- but it can also lead to a bit of bathroom and hallway crowding if you're not prepared.

If you've got out-of-town visitors coming to stay with you, make their visit one of comfort and joy by stocking the guest room with these necessities.

  • A phone charger: You may not know what kind of phone your guests might be using, but providing both a micro USB cable and an iPhone charger will cover almost anyone who may come to stay. You probably have an extra somewhere in the house, and really, what gets left at home more often than a phone charger?

  • A full-length mirror: If the only place to get a good look at what you're wearing is outside of the guest room, you're just begging for bathroom back-up. Ensure that your guests have the capacity to get ready for dinner or any other event by providing a tasteful, attractive mirror in an easy-to-use spot.

  • Tissues, ear swabs, makeup remover wipes, towels...: Any kind of preparation (whether for a night on the town or a night spent in bed with a book) that can be done without a sink can be done in a guest room. Help keep hallway traffic to a minimum by providing toiletries that your guests may need. Astringent, tweezers, and nail clippers are also a good touch. Arrange them in a basked somewhere to keep them looking neat. And if you've got a bathroom in the guest room? Stock it just like you'd stock any other bathroom.

  • A laundry hamper, preferably lined with disposable bags: Unless you're going to do the laundry for all of your guests, give them a spot to put the items they've already worn. And, if you use a disposable bag that they can take with them, you'll also help make their packing a breeze.

  • The wireless password: Write it down and put it up. Frame it if you want to. It's so much easier to just provide your WiFi password ahead of time than to try to remember it when your guests are trying to check the status of their flight.