Murder victim's father: 'I couldn't go back in that house'

RENTON, Wash. -- A family devastated by their 17-year-old's gruesome murder started tearing down their home in Renton on Thursday.

Nearly five months after the horror that unfolded inside, Jessica Scholl's friends are still dropping off bouquets. The violence that happened in the house shattered any sense of home and and now her parents are ready to let it go.

"I wouldn't feel right living in there again," said Jessica's father, Doug Scholl, as he took one last look at the home he lived in for 15 years.

Now the atrocities that unfolded in this split level stir anguish and anger.

"The whole reason we stayed in the house is so she could grow up here with her friends," he said.

Now he's going to build a new home.

"It's gotta be -- I couldn't go back in that house."

Before school one day in May, detectives suspect an ex-boyfriend beat and stabbed Jessica, then set a fire to cover the crime. Police later arrested Jarrod Lane in Oklahoma City.

Contractor and family friend Brad Moore says trails of Jessica's blood blanketed the home.

"What this kid did in there was horrific and whatever he gets he deserves," Moore said.

Jessica's dad himself gripped the track-hoe controls to take the first whack at demolishing the house too painful to repair, too stigmatized to resell.

"Settling with the insurance company I expected some light to be lifted," Doug Scholl said. "But losing your child, there isn't nothing that's gonna lift that light, ain't nothing."

Scholl's world came crashing in on him the day his only child died. Now he awaits Lane's murder and arson trial, and wonders how he'll afford to rebuild and replace what insurance won't cover, and how he'll find the strength to bury the haunting images of what happened in his home.

"A new house, try to start over," he said. "Tomorrow's a new day, it's about all you can do."

Doug Scholl says it was a four-month battle convincing the insurance company to rebuild and not just repair. And he says when he and his wife move in, Jessica will be with them.