Murder charges filed in 1988 Tacoma drive-by shooting

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) - The Pierce County prosecutor filed murder charges Thursday against five men accused in a 1988 drive-by gang shooting in Tacoma.

Prosecutor Mark Lindquist says it was believed to be the first gang homicide in the county.

"And it sparked a series of assaults, drive-by shootings and homicides that lasted through the gang wars of the '90s," Lindquist said.

The prosecutor says 17-year-old Bernard Houston was a Crip gang member shot by Bloods in retaliation for an earlier shooting.

Police detectives put together a case that led to charges against 45-year-old Brian Clement Allen, 42-year-old Terris Miller, 47-year-old Nathaniel Miles, 44-year-old Darrell Montea Lee, and 44-year-old Anthony Ralls.

"Twenty-five years later, they really thought they got away with it, but they didn't get away with it. And we just really want to thank the police," said Yvonne Heads, who is a cousin of the victim.

Heads and Houston's sister, Bernadine Sanders, say even though it toll two and a half decades, they're glad justice is being served.

"What's sad is that there are some who have done nothing with their lives. They've taken and they've amounted to nothing. That's what's sad," Sanders said.

Allen, Miles and Ralls were scheduled for a Thursday arraignment. Miller is in federal prison and Lee in state prison.