Movie filming in Everett benefiting local economy

EVERETT, Wash. (AP) Aspiring film stars in Everett may have their chance at fame this next week as the crew working on a new movie seeks locals to fill out the scenes.

The Daily Herald ( reports the action flick "Seven Minutes" is filming around downtown Everett over the coming week and around Snohomish County over the next month.

Locals are invited to watch and to get in the action as extras.

The movie's plot is about a heist gone wrong.

City Manager Carol Thomas says the movie is bringing an economic windfall to Everett, by filling hotel rooms, dining out, buying supplies, and leasing office and warehouse space.

The city is even profiting from crime scenes. Thomas says the film crew is leasing police vehicles from the city and paying off-duty officers to drive them.

Thomas said Everett beat out other spots for the movie, in part because of the sunny weather six weeks ago when she showed movie scouts around town.

"They stood on Everett Avenue and saw the Cascades and turned around and saw the Olympics," Thomas said. "They loved Everett with the variety of landscapes. You can see the water, the cityscape and the country, all within a short distance of the base camp."

It's unknown how much of Everett will show up in the movie, which is expected to be released next year. The heist takes seven minutes from beginning to end, which is where the movie gets its title. The rest unfolds in flashbacks at sites that include Monroe Correctional Complex, a gas station in Snohomish and the Arlington High School football field.

The script is based on the actual robbery of a mortgage broker's office by three young men. It is the first feature film by writer/director Jay Martin.

Everett recently got a burst of Hollywood limelight when celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay came to town for "Kitchen Nightmares," but the city hasn't had this kind of filming invasion since "The Ring" movie and "The Fugitive" TV show.