Mother's ashes stolen: 'I can't imagine where she is now'

MARYSVILLE, Wash. - A local woman has suffered a heart-breaking loss - burglars stole an urn that holds her mother's ashes.

What makes the loss even deeper for Ann Reed is that she promised to fulfill the wishes of her parents by having both their ashes scattered together once her elderly father's time comes.

She first smelled trouble when she arrived home.

"The first thing I notice when I drive in is the gates are wide open," she says.

She later discovered that a precious urn holding her mother's ashes was missing from her home.

"Everything just hit me - OK, you've been robbed. Your mom's gone. What am I going to do?" says Ann. "Mom was supposed to be with dad. And I can't imagine where she is right now."

Ann thinks the burglars didn't realize what they were taking.

"It's just a nice, dark wood box," she says.

They missed the other urn - packed up and waiting for her father. From the time Ann and her siblings were young, her parents had expressed their desire to have their ashes scattered together.

"They were just really connected. And I think they just wanted to be connected forever. And that was their dream," says Ann.

Ann lost tens of thousands of dollars worth of belongings, including electronics, antiques and jewelry. But she would trade it all for that wooden box, which surely means nothing to those who took it.

"Everything else, you can replace it," she says. "But you can't replace that."

Here's a daughter's plea:

Burglars - drop it off, no questions asked. Everybody else, call police if you find a pretty wooden box.

"We always have hope. We wouldn't be human beings if we didn't have hope," says Ann.

Ann discovered something else missing.

When she made herself a cup of hot chocolate to calm down, she saw the whipped cream missing from the fridge. Ann says the burglars took it.