More than a year later, Belltown beating victim still struggling

SEATTLE -- The victim of a {A href=""}brutal beating in Belltown said his attackers stole more than just his money.

The July 2011 attack left Matt Hale, a popular doorman, bleeding and with permanent brain damage.

A year and a half after the vicious attack, Hale still remembers nothing of the night that changed his life. He was told thugs jumped him from behind and bashed in his head.

He came to four days later in the hospital, and he's never been the same.

"I lost some of my brain," he said.

Police still don't know who jumped the 70-year-old while he was walking home from his job as a doorman at Seattle Heights. Because of his injuries, he'll never be able to return to work.

"It's a life i don't have anymore," Hale said. "I very seldom see the people that I used to know."

Hale cherishes the get-well cards his Belltown friends and neighbors sent as he went through months of physical therapy, where he relearned how to walk and talk.

Harold Seaburg remembers Hale as an excellent concierge at the high-rise apartments who was always full of useful tips.

"If had any kinds of questions or anything about downtown, or the Mariners, or anything, he'd always know that information for you," Seaburg said.

Working as a concierge was more than just extra income for Hale. It was a social outlet and the reason he got up every morning. Criminals stole that treasure from him, along with the cash from his wallet.

Police got an early lead in the case when images of the beating suspects running past security cameras at Fisher Plaza surfaced. But a year and a half later the case has gone cold.

Hale has never spoken to the media before, and he only chose to now because he's so grateful for all the help he's received along the way.

"People in Belltown are still wonderful to me. They still are," he said.

Police say the beating case is still an open and active investigation.