Months after horrendous crash, bills stacking up for injured dad

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. -- After surviving a {A href=""}horrible car crash that left him bedridden and his son recovering from surgery, a Snohomish County man is now left to deal with a stack of bills he can't pay.

Even with all that is weighing on him, on Thursday Robert Bentz got a chance to see how much people care when he was given a check from concerned KOMO viewers.

"Yeah, I'm very lucky," Bentz said. "It just flashes so fast and I thought I was pretty much dead."

The list of Bentz's injuries is long and painful, including a shattered leg and back. Even his heart was partially crushed.

"My jaw broke -- across and off the top," Bentz.

His 16-year-old son, Rody, was also injured in the crash. The impact of the crash tore the skin off his arm.

Rody was catching a ride with his dad on his first day back to school in September when a man driving a stolen car crossed the center line along Highway 2 and slammed into Bentz.

"Next thing you know , I see a fire, a guy in a fire hat and (then) I blacked out," Bentz said.

In the weeks after the crash, KOMO viewers stepped in to help the Bentz family, sending check after check to for surgeries and rehab.

But the bills kept coming in, and Bentz's medical insurance doesn't cover all of them. KOMO viewers stepped up once again, and on Friday KOMO presented Bentz a check from more than $3,000 to help cover his medical bills.

Bentz said the outpouring of support he's received since the wreck has been tremendous. Recently, his employer told him that no matter how long his recovery takes, there will always be a job waiting form him when he's ready.