Money raising efforts for sick infant take amazing turn

MONROE, Wash. -- A Pierce County baby just received a huge donation in the fight to help him survive. 7-month old Casen Buswell is one of 14 people in the world with a rare vascular condition called GVM Plaque Type. Plaque is hardening the Casen's vessels, muscles and skin - which could lead to heart failure.

The only place with established treatment is in Belgium, which means many costly trips for Casen's family. But after watching Casen's story, one man decided to give up something he treasured for the boy who captured his heart.

Ron Cook cherished his 1957 Chevy Bel Air, but decided to give it away to honor his mom Ruth, who died of lung cancer, and, to raise money for Casen.

He sold hundreds of raffle tickets in just a couple of weeks. Generosity came in the form of more than $10,000.

It's a gift that should help pay for Casen's expensive treatments in Belgium for his rare vascular condition.

And for Della Phillip, who won the raffle, she gets a classic car for her efforts.

"The only reason I did it was for that baby," Phillip said.

But wait, there's more. After the raffle, Phillip donated the car back to Casen for a second raffle.

They're strangers who were touched by a boy who, at 7 months, is fighting to survive.

"What it means to me is giving him a chance to live," Cook said.

The money raised from both raffles is in addition to the $21,000 KOMO viewers have donated since seeing Casen's original story.

But Casen's mother Jenna said the outpouring is priceless.

"You can't put any - there's no price tag to it," Jenna Buswell said. "It's just amazing to feel the love and to know that Casen has so much support."