Mom speaks out after 7 year old attacked on school bus

AUBURN, Wash. - An Auburn mother is sharing her story after her son was brutally attacked by a another student on a bus.

The mother of the victim says her son was traumatized by the attack, which was captured by surveillance cameras. She hopes her message will be an eye opener for parents and officials.

The surveillance video shows Trini Balles 7-year-old son brutally attacked in the back of a school bus.

Balles says it happened in June, just three weeks before school let out, when a student punched her son repeatedly in the head and face.

According to Balles, at first another child was the target, but her son confronted the older boy.

"He said, 'I said your acting like a jerk, stop'," Balles says. "What the kid did in retaliation was unbelievable."

The entire attack lasted seconds. Moments later the video shows Balles son walking to the front holding his face and crying.

As he gets closer to the camera, you can hear he is sobbing with blood running down his face and arms.

After her son got off the bus, a neighbor took care of him until Balles could get home.

"What is proper protocol when a kid is bleeding on a bus after something so traumatic?" Balles asked. "What happens next?"

Balles hopes this video, disturbing as it is, will bring attention to issues of bullying and safety on school busses.

The boy who attacked Balles son was disciplined by the school when the incident happened in June.