Mom pleads for help as teen son remains in coma after crash

SEATTLE -- A mother is asking for help after her 15-year-old son was seriously injured in a hit and run crash. Trevon Crease-Holden is still in a coma and no arrests have been made.

Trevon was hoping to start his freshman year at Franklin High School by trying out for the football team, but instead he's tacking a much larger issue

"It's going to be challenging," said Quianna Holden. "We have a long road ahead of us."

About six weeks ago, a car coming through the intersection at Martin Luther King, Jr. and South Walden Street hit the teen as he was crossing the street with his brother. The driver never stopped.

"I do hope that that person can just think about it - this is another life; not even just another life this is a child," Quianna Holden said. "His dreams for football are gone. He's never going to be able to play."

Trevon suffered severe head trauma, a punctured lung and broken ribs. He's still in a coma but slowly making improvements.

"My mom and my sisters can be in there talking to him and he'll make little movements and as soon as he hears my voice his eyes pop open," Holden said.

Holden now spends most of her time at the hospital while trying to balance family life -- she's a single mom with four other children. She's on leave from her job but not getting paid.

"My kids' needs are more important than my wants so at this time I have to kind of let my pride down and say, hey, I need the help," she said. "Because I really need it now."

Police have recovered the car suspected in the crash but have not located the driver. Investigators say the vehicle was reported stolen after the crash.

As her son recovers, Holden wants to know who did this.

"I've forgiven them for hitting him - it was an accident, it's obvious it was an accident," she said. "But I can't forgive you for just leaving my baby to die. I can't do that."

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