Mom honors slain son's birthday with gun safety plea

FEDERAL WAY, Wash. -- Driving home a message is how Heather Jiggetts celebrates what would have been her son's 21st birthday Thursday -- waving gun safety signs on a street corner in Federal Way.

"I miss him," Jiggetts said. "I miss him a lot."

Terry Hayes was 14, playing video games at his dad's house in Virgina, when a younger cousin pulled a .12 gauge shotgun from a closet and accidentally killed him.

"He took the gun out, put the gun to my son's face said, 'Do you dare me to pull the trigger?' My son looked over and the trigger was pulled," Jiggetts said.

Every year, Jiggetts honors her son with the signs, encouraging people to lock up their guns and save lives. Her brother holds a sign across the street.

"It's devastated my mother, sister especially and me," Staff Brown said. "I had him, for many years I was the only man in his life."

Back in Virginia where Jiggetts' body is buried, she went door to door handing out 36,000 donated firearm safety locks.

"In Virginia, police departments gave me over 1,500 gun locks at a time," she said. "Here I can't get one -- no money, no money."

But that doesn't stop her from promoting gun locks.

"I do it on the day of his death and on his birthday and I will continue to do it til the day I die," Jiggetts said.

Doctors tell her that day could come within a year. Jiggetts has stage 3 cancer.

"I may not have much longer left but time I do have left I'm gonna keep promoting gun safety," she said.

She says this could be the last birthday she's out here and her wish is to pass out gun locks in Washington before she dies too.