Mill Creek church's rap music video is a 'little different'

MILL CREEK, Wash. - A local music video has people clicking and cringing after it was posted online. But this music group's plan isn't about the money - it's all about the praise.

It has the lights, the lyrics, and bumping base. It has the flowing rhymes and bit of bling. If you didn't know any better you'd say this is a rock concert ...

But a trio from the Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek is actually stepping into a new genre - a call to worship.

Larry, Dan and Blake spent 100 hours creating the video for their congregation. It's a bold move designed to reinforce a message.

"Everyone's getting back to school and back to sports, and we just wanted our people to think - not just get back to church as well, but get back to church and make it a part of your everyday life," says church leader Blake Caldwell. "So we thought, 'Hey, what better way to do that than putting ourselves out there and doing a rap?"

Sporting hoodies, chains and a few mean mugs, the trio is looking to make a statement by dropping rhymes, even a few dance moves.

The lyrics are all their own, but as for the moves, they took tips from some of hip-hop's heavy hitters, like the Beastie Boys, Mr. T and Vanilla Ice.

And yes, they're the first to admit it's a little different.

Dan Kellogg says, "Driving down the road in Mill Creek with the cameras mounted on the car and us dressed like rappers was a little awkward."

The video has more than 1,600 views so far on YouTube.

They call it a fun plug for praise. While it grabs eyeballs, they don't mind if some can't help but smile, and shake their heads.

There may be more raps in their future. This one was relatively easy - they wrote that rap rhythm in just three hours.