Microsoft reality show puts job candidates on the hot seat

Putting your best foot forward during a job interview is tough enough but imagine adding a bunch of TV cameras to the mix?

A new online reality show is doing just that - as candidates compete to land a job at Microsoft.

More than 100 people auditioned for the show, but hiring bosses with the tech company narrowed the field to a lucky four.

"I thought I have to work here. I have to work here," said Stacy, one of the candidates competing in the online show.

The premise behind 'Be the Next Microsoft Employee' pits real life computer whizzes against one another for a chance to become a support engineer job at Microsoft.

"I think you're going to see a bunch of incredibly passionate people, they love what they do. They know technology backwards and forwards," said Mark Protus, executive producer for the show.

Protus is the one who came up with the idea for the online job competition.

"It's completely unscripted and totally real and very much like working at Microsoft," he said.

Microsoft provided the candidates with luxury accommodations during the taping but the candidates admit it was no cushy ride.

"It makes you squirm," said one candidate.

During the four-episode series the candidates face tests on their database knowledge in real-life scenarios.

"How many of the products here are sold by more than one vendor? And you'll use this thumb drive to solve the problem?" asked one of the show's judges during an episode.

As dramatic music plays in the background, viewers can feel the pressure mount among the candidates.

"That was it, I was done," said Stacy.

Buck Woody was the main judge for the show.

"I wanted to make it solvable, but challenging and showcasing," he said.

Each episode has a contest winner but ultimately only one candidate earns a spot on Microsoft's payroll.

"You want everybody to win, that's not the way it works. That's not the way life works," said Woody.

Microsoft hopes each episode is a career-building cliffhanger designed to keep viewers coming back for more.

The winner will be announced during the show on August 21.


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