Microsoft building evacuated due to broken snow globe

REDMOND, Wash. - A building on the sprawling Microsoft campus was evacuated Friday afternoon when a clear liquid spilled from a mail package, but it turned out to be nothing more dangerous than a broken snow globe, police said.

The incident began when a worker spotted the clear liquid leaking from a package that had arrived in the mail at Building 123, said James Bove of the Redmond police.

Officers and fire crews responded to the scene and evacuated everyone from the building while waiting for a hazardous material response team to arrive from Bellevue.

At the same time, southbound lanes of 150th Avenue NE were closed in the 4300 block and northbound lanes were closed in 4100 block.

Hazardous material investigators determined that the liquid was leaking from a broken snow globe containing water and glycerine, and everyone was allowed back into the building, Bove said.