Mercer Street opens to two-way traffic on Aug. 27

SEATTLE -- It's a day many Seattle commuters have been waiting for... Mercer Street is about to finally become a two-way street.

The Seattle Department of Transportation announced Tuesday that Mercer Street will open to two-way traffic on Aug. 27 following the full weekend closure of the I-5 on- and off-ramps on August 24-27.

The new roadway will then accommodate three lanes of westbound traffic that will travel straight off the I-5 off-ramps. Eastbound Mercer Street will maintain three lanes onto the I-5 on-ramps, in addition to a left turn lane onto northbound Fairview Avenue N as well as travel across Fairview Avenue N that allows eastbound access to Eastlake and Capitol Hill.

However, the expansion of Mercer Street comes at a temporary price for Fairview Avenue N. which will have severe lane restrictions for the next phase of construction. That phase is expected to last into early 2013 and will include underground electrical and communication line work and movement of gas, sewer and water lines, SDOT said.

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