Medical marijuana dispensary owner gets 42 months in prison

SEATTLE -- A 32-year-old Seattle woman who used her medical marijuana dispensaries to sell large amounts of pot to people without proper medical authorization was sentenced to 42 months in prison Friday.

Jing Jing Mo, co-owner of Seattle Cannabis Cooperative locations in Greenwood and Rainier Valley, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute marijuana and conspiracy to engage in money laundering last August.

According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, Mo sold marijuana for profit while pretending to run a cooperative for sick people, using the money to modify homes for growing more pot. At one point, Mo offered to sell 25 pounds of marijuana to be sold around the country.

"Ms. Mo was not engaged in some selfless attempt to help truly sick people access marijuana for medical purposes," according to prosecutors. "Instead, she was simply dealing drugs, for profit, in blatant violation of both the letter and the spirit of state and federal law."

During the sentencing, the U.S. District Court judge said Mo and her co-owner, Craig Dieffenbach, abused the public trust out of greed.

Mo is a citizen of Singapore and will likely be deported following her prison term.

Dieffenbach, 61, was sentenced to six years in prison in January.