McGinn or Murray? Sonics fans wonder who can restore the NBA

SEATTLE -- A vote for Mike McGinn is the best way to help bring SuperSonics basketball back to Seattle. At least that's what the McGinn campaign would have you believe.

McGinn's opponent for Seattle mayor, state Senator Ed Murray, believes otherwise.

Sonics fans and Sonics stars will rally Friday night for McGinn, who polls say is trailing Murray.

"Mayor McGinn is our best chance to bring the NBA back to Seattle," says Adam Brown, producer of the documentary Sonicsgate. "He's shown strong leadership in the way he brokered the Chris Hansen SoDo arena deal."

Former Sonics Shawn Kemp and Slick Watts will appear at a McGinn rally/fundraiser at 9 p.m. at sports bar 95 Slide. Local music stars Jason Finn (The Presidents) and Prometheus Brown (Blue Scholars) will also appear.

But Murray disagrees McGinn is the best man for Sonics fans.

"I support the [arena] proposal," he tells KOMO Newsradio. "And unlike the mayor, I believe I could deliver the proposal."

Murray says McGinn tried and failed to stop the waterfront Highway 99 tunnel, and failed to drum up support for transit expansion.

"I have a reputation for getting things done," Murray says. "Sonics supporters, if they want a plan, they should support the Mayor. If they actually want a team to come back to Seattle with a stadium, they should support me."

Brown is not convinced. Murray "seems like a nice guy," he says.

"But we don't know exactly where he stands on this issue. He says he supports the MOU, [memorandum of understanding among Seattle, King County and Chris Hansen to finance and build an arena], but then he backtracks and talks about the Port of Seattle's talking points about freight mobility."

Murray, though, says he's on board.

"I support the stadium, he supports the stadium," Murray says. "But he wants to make the point that I don't really support the stadium. That's kind of bizarre politics.The city council put an MOU in place to make this thing go forward. I would continue to move it forward."