Marysville police nab suspected jewelry thieves

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- Two men accused of perpetrating a $10,000 jewelry heist were arrested Friday afternoon in Marysville.

According to store employees, a man entered a Marysville Kmart just after 3 p.m. and immediately walked back to the jewelry area.

He then cut two cables securing a container full of jewelry. After grabbing the entire container, the man left the store, where a getaway driver was waiting for him in a Ford F150 pickup, according to police.

A Marysville police officer soon spotted the truck and tried to pull it over. The driver sped away, and the officer chased him for roughly two miles before terminating the pursuit for safety reasons.

A short time later, officers still in the area spotted the truck again, though this time there was only one man inside. That man, a 51-year-old from Everett, pulled over and was arrested.

While canvassing the area, another officer stopped and talked to a pair of residents who were working in a shop. The officer gave the men a description of the jewelry thief and told them to call police if they saw him.

Moment later, police say those men were approached by the suspected thief, who asked them for a ride to Everett. The men immediately recognized the man from the officer's description, so one of them said he would give the man a ride after he called his girlfriend.

The man then called 911 and police showed up a short time later and arrested the 29-year-old Everett man.

All the jewelry was recovered and nobody was injured during the chase.