Marysville parents on edge after learning of 2 near kidnappings

MARYSVILLE, Wash. -- Frightening crimes targeting children have people in one Marysville neighborhood on edge, and now they want to know why it took so long for them to learn of the crimes.

Two children were nearly kidnapped in the past month, but some residents say they didn't learn about it until Tuesday. The idea that their children may be in danger isn't sitting well with many in the area.

"It's scary for me, because I'm outside with my child all the time. So it is very scary for me," said Marysville resident Maggie Glover.

Many who live at Carroll's Creek Landing are active duty members of the military. Those members received an email Tuesday from the Navy warning them about the recent attempted kidnappings.

"Security for my family is something that's very important, and right now it's kind of in question as to whether I want to stick around this area," said Adam Colby.

In the email, a captain attributes the information to the Marysville police incident report. Management at the complex filed the report after seeing the same suspicious vehicle a third time in recent weeks.

Some residents are now questioning the amount of time it took to be alerted about the crimes.

"How come we're not aware of this? How come the office is not telling any of the residents here so everybody can be aware of the situation? Because not everybody knows," Glover said.

Robynn Peters said her 9-year-old grandson and his two friends were approached by someone in a black vehicle a few weeks ago.

"He just pulled up here, and it was on this side of the street, and called the boys over and said, 'Here, I have some money for you, boys,' and gave each of the boys $2," she said.

Once she heard about what happened, she called police and had a talk with her grandson.

There's a town hall meeting scheduled for Wednesday night where some residents plan to talk about the recent issues.

A spokeswoman for the complex would not comment on the incidents, and nobody from the Marysville Police Department was available to comment.