Marchers take to the streets to protest police brutality

SEATTLE -- A Tuesday evening march against police brutality clogged streets on Capitol Hill and left drivers and bus passengers stranded in the road.

The marchers had a clear message, but their method and its impact on drivers and members of the media was another story.

What was meant to be a peaceful march turned ugly when protestors targeted a KOMO cameraman, pushing and spraying him with Silly String.

"As always, it seems with every Seattle riot it's the same story," one marchers said. "You have a bunch of disruptors that want to come here and cause a scene and don't even have the message in their heart."

The march caused a headache for commuters, but not everyone was upset.

"They're doing their democratic thing," one driver said. "I can support that, but I've just got to go get my kids."

Despite some rowdy behavior, police did not arrest any protestors.