Man threatened with gun twice in 2 days unimpressed

SEATTLE -- A North Seattle resident took nonchalance to a whole new level last week when he told police he "wasn't really trippin'" after being threatened at gunpoint by an irate marijuana seller twice in two days, according to the Seattle Police Department.

Officers were called to an apartment in the 10500 block of Midvale Avenue North last Friday night by the victim's mother.

According to the police report for the incident, the victim, despite having a gun pointed at him twice in two days, was "extremely nonchalant" about the whole thing. He only agreed to file a report after being pressured by his mother.

The victim told officers a 20-year-old gang member who owns a medical marijuana dispensary on North 85th Street thinks he burglarized the dispensary recently because he and his friends were stopped that night by police, who found pot on them.

The victim said he knows who burglarized the dispensary, but it wasn't him. He also said he went to middle school with the suspect but doesn't know his name.

According to the report, the victim was walking in the alley behind his apartment around 3 p.m. April 4 when the suspect came up behind him and pointed a gun at him.

The victim told officers the suspect threatened him multiple times and ended up taking his iPhone and cash before driving off in a black Chrysler 300.

The next evening, the victim was again confronted by the suspect while walking near his house, according to the report.

This time, the victim said the suspect got out of the passenger side of a blue and silver Cadillac and pointed a gun at him.

According to the report, the suspect said something to the effect of, "If it's not today, it's gonna be soon," before driving off in the Cadillac.

When officers asked if the victim was afraid the suspect would shoot him during either of the incidents, the victim replied, "Yeah, it might hurt."

When asked why he didn't call the police sooner, the victim said, "I wasn't really trippin'."

The indifference of young people, ladies and gentlemen.