Man stabbed in Capitol Hill park: I didn't instigate the attack

A Seattle man who was stabbed in Cal Anderson Park on Mother's Day says he wants to set the record straight as online comments make it sound like he instigated the attack.

He shared his version of the events from the hospital as he recovered from the attack.

When he isn't working, you'll often see Nicholas Siemion with his guitar and his dog Jimmy, jamming in Cal Anderson Park -- the same place he was stabbed by a stranger shortly after wishing his mom a Happy Mother's Day.

"The next time I saw her, was waking up in the hospital -- she was there by my side," he said.

Siemion says he first encountered his attacker in the park Friday, when the man's approaching pit bull was off leash.

"I started screaming and hollering at the guy to get his dog on leash," Siemion said. "Before he could get him, he started attacking my dog."

Sunday night in the Capitol Hill park, their run-in turned violent. Siemion was strumming his guitar when he says again he yelled at the guy to get his pitbull on a leash. When the dog neared his, he
grabbed it by the scruff of the neck.

"Tossed him on his feet about 7 feet away from me, 5 feet away and his friend started shoving me and throwing punches," Siemion said.

He says that man backed off but the dog owner was grinning.

"Soon I realized why he was grinning -- 'cause he had stabbed me," Siemion said.

Siemion says he didn't notice the knife that punctured his liver and severed a rib.

"But a friend said 'look at yourself, you're bleeding pretty bad,' " Siemion said.

Seattle police arrested the suspected attacker and now Siemion, who lives out of his truck while paying back student loans, wonders how he'll cover his medical bills. And after two knife attacks in a week, he wonders what it will take to make the park safe.

"Definitely would like something to change because that's a fantastic park," Siemion said.

Siemion says musicians he met in the park that night kept his dog and have returned it. But he doesn't know what happened to his Martin guitar.