Man shot by police released from the hospital, booked into jail

EDMONDS, Wash. -- The 27-year-old man who was shot by an Edmonds police officer on Saturday was released from the Hospital Wednesday and promptly booked into jail on two counts of assault.

Aaron K. Eckley was allegedly walking the streets of Edmonds with a .22 rifle Saturday morning. A concerned citizen called the police, and when officers arrived they say the Edmonds man was "verbally defiant" and refused to drop his gun, according to to police.

At one point, police say Eckley leveled the rifle at officers. The officers opened fire, hitting him at least once, according to police.

Neighbor Roger Hertrich was home with his window open when the action unfolded.

"I heard this one really loud shot. It was obviously a large caliber rifle or a shotgun. There was a pause, then a rapid fire of about five (shots)," he said.

It's unclear how severely Eckley was wounded, but he was well enough on Wednesday to leave the hospital and head to jail

Police say Eckely has a history of mental illness.