Man rescued after spending night trapped in crashed car

SEATTLE -- Firefighters have rescued a 67-year-old man who spent the night trapped in a car after it crashed down a small ravine in the Lake City neighborhood of north Seattle.

Fire Department spokesman Kyle Moore said firefighters used ropes to stabilize the vehicle before cutting off the roof to reach the man inside.

The man, who is in his 60s, was conscious and talking with firefighters during the rescue in the 2600 block of NE 120th Street. The force of the impact actually pushed him underneath the dashboard.

Fire crews brought him out of the ditch on a backboard and put him in an ambulance. He was then taken to the hospital to be checked out. Officials said he was banged up and had a black eye.

The homeowner who found him says the man could have been misdirected.

"GPS has put peoples' directions right through here," said John Shearer. "So I came out here this morning and the gentleman had been there all night. I'm glad I found him; I'm glad we were in town."

The gravel road runs alongside the homeowner's property, and abruptly ends at a stretch of green space.

It was not clear what caused the crash, but Moore said it happened sometime Monday night and firefighters were not called until about 8:26 a.m. on Tuesday.