Man exposes himself to teen girls at West Seattle school

SEATTLE -- Police are investigating an incident at West Seattle's Holy Rosary School where a man exposed himself to at least three teen girls during recess Wednesday morning.

The 14-year-olds reported they first noticed a man was parked on 41st Avenue SW and as he watched the girls, he held a cell phone near his face as if he was talking pictures or videotaping them, said Det. Jeff Kappel with Seattle Police.

The girls moved away to another part of the playground, but the man drove his car to be closer to the girls. That's when the three girls noticed the driver's door was now open and the man was naked from the waist down, Kappel said.

The girls ran off to tell the recess monitor and the man sped off west on SW Dakota Street. There was no sign of him by the time officers arrived.

Kappel said if you have any information on the incident to please call Seattle Police.